How to buy through e-shop?

1. To add products to the cart, the customer has to click on the product. After that, the customer will be redirected to the product page. If product page is open, the customer can click on the “Add to cart” button.

2. From the table, select the preferred size and color and add it to shopping cart. Only products that are in stock are available to be added to the shopping cart. Out-of-stock variations or products are marked with a grey color.

3. To see products inside of the shopping cart, the customer must click on the shopping cart icon that is found in the right top corner of the page. If the product is added to the shopping cart, the customer is able to click on the message “Go to shopping cart” which after clicking redirects to customer’s shopping cart.

4. In the shopping cart the customer is able to remove or modify the quantity of the products.

5. Discount voucher code can be inserted at the bottom of the shopping cart list. After inserting the code click “Apply Voucher”.

6. By clicking on the button “Proceed to Checkout”, the customer will be redirected to the checkout page. On the checkout page, the customer is able to choose between different payment & shipping methods. In checkout, the customer is also able to insert billing information, choose a payment method and insert a discount voucher. Additionally, the customer can click on the hyperlinks that redirect to the privacy policy or terms of use page. After entering all the required information, the customer will be redirected to the payment service provider’s website. NB! After finishing the payment, the customer must press the “Back to merchant” button.

7. After inserting and verifying the required data, the customer can confirm the order by clicking on the button “Place Order”. After this, the order is confirmed and sent to the merchant.

8. The payment is deducted immediately from the buyer’s account through the payment service provider. The merchant gets confirmation of the payment when the buyer clicks on the “Back to merchant” button.

9. If payment is chosen to be paid through an invoice, the customer receives the e-mail containing the invoice and payment credentials. After receiving the payment for the invoice, the order will be shipped in 2 working days, if not specified differently.

10. After completing the payment, the customer will receive an e-mail containing the confirmation of the order.

11. When making the order, the customer is responsible of providing correct contact information.

12. The merchant is not responsible for any issues caused by the incorrect data which is provided by the customer.

13. The merchant has the right to reject the order if the order contains suspicious or incorrect data or for any other reason.