Reliable and high quality electric scooters

We value high quality and design and for that reason, we have carefully selected the electric scooters that are sold in our showroom / physical retail shop and our e-store. Tõuksimaailm is the official retailer for all the electric scooter brands that are listed. Our goal is to offer a wide range of high-quality electric scooters. While chasing this goal we have improved our product selection and currently, we are offering more than ten brands of electric scooters. The wisdom and experience through our workshop that we have gained during the years has been a great guide for us when choosing a products that fit our quality standards. We strongly believe that an electric scooter as an alternative way of transportation should be reliable and built with high quality. We only sell the brands that have gained strong support and respect in the light electric vehicle market:

Almost all premium quality brands have their own models that should be avoided. For a great example, the biggest electric scooter manufacturer Segway has older Ninebot ES models (ES2, ES3, and ES4). These models are poorly designed, uncomfortable to ride, and have many different problems and anomalies with their electronics. It is therefore strongly recommended to avoid the ES models. However, the newer model Ninebot Max G30 is the completely opposite and is currently one of the most reliable models in the electric scooter industry. Tõuksimaailm consists of workers full of enthusiasm, we use electric scooters almost every day of the year (including winter) for our commuting. Through this experimentation we know exactly what different brands have accomplished with their models.

Despite Tõuksimaailm not being an official importer of any brand, we offer warranty repair for every electric scooter that is bought from us. Only this way we can ensure that you get the fastest service for your light electric vehicle and there is no time wasted on logistics. Often importers send the electric scooter to a service center in foreign country. This can take multiple months and is a disaster considering our seasons in Estonia. Our workshop enables us to offer professional and fastest service on market. At our physical stores you are able to test, feel and see many different brand electric scooter models. We are dedicated to finding you an electric scooter that best fits your needs. We also offer accessories and riding equipment.

Electric scooter repair / maintenance

How do we know which brands and models are reliable and built with high quality? Thanks to the long-term experience, which is gained through our electric scooter workshop. Since 2019 when Tõuksimaailm was created, we have serviced and repaired over ten thousand electric scooters and hundreds of different models.

Repairing and servicing light electric vehicles has been our passion since the creation of Tõuksimaailm. Like in sales, we value quality in our services. Our goal is to offer the best service quality, prices and experience for our clients. We are systematic and efficient which has given us the opportunity to offer fast service and repair times for our clients. To offer exceptionally fast servicing we have many different parts in stock.

Our workshop is full of specialists who have long-term experience in mechanics and electronics even before joining Tõuksimaailm. Our workshop is located in the same building as our physical store – Tööstuse 47a, Tallinn.

Electric scooter rent

In additionally to sales and services, we rent electric scooters. Our mission is to offer affordable long-term renting without location and distance fees. Electric scooters can be rented for an hour, day, week, or even for months.

We offer popular brands for renting, such as Segway Ninebot, Xiaomi Mi, Inokim and Kaabo. All our rental scooters are comfortable and fun to ride, with tube type tires for comfort and some of the models are equipped with suspension. Renting through Tõuksimaailm is the ideal solution to rent an electric scooter for your company event, or for those who would like to rent a light electric vehicle for the long term.


Tõuksimaailm came into life when in 2019 the bicycle mechanic Andres told to his colleague Tago, that he should start changing electric scooter tires because there are no other local companies who do that. Tago decided that it would be boring as a one man team and managed to convince Andres to join him. Later on, they realized that in addition to the workshop, Estonia was missing a specialized electric scooter shop / showroom, which is combined with a workshop and rental service.

In December of 2019, we started our workshop and showroom on a modern commercial space that is located at Tööstuse 47a, Tallinn.

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